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Mun Ebony and Ambrosia Maple Wand - The Chronismo Temporum

Hand-crafted from Mun Ebony and Ambrosia Maple, this wand is a result of the Ministry's top secret research at the department of mysteries - as revealed by a recent infiltration into the department of ministry by dark wizards after teenage wizards, the ministry has been researching the mysteries of time, including how to move about the fourth dimension. The Mun Ebony brings the strength of Ebony magic and the power of the moon, and is combined with the powers of Ambrosia Maple in levitation charms. As with Golpalot's Third Law in potions, the combined power of the two is greater than the sum of the components. Being a muggle myself, I admit the wand doesn't work for me, but in the hands of the right witch or wizard skilled in temporal manipulations...well, let's just say anything's possible.

Length: 14". Price: $40.00. Availability of Ambrosia Maple may affect price.

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Unknown said...

I must say that for a muggle the wand is most exceptional. I will admit that when my coworker told me I would be receiving my wand from a muggle, and an American at that, I had my doubts but I was most pleasantly surprised. It fits my hand superbly well and was delivered in a very timely manner. As a craftsman I applaud you for the wand is beautiful and balanced, but even more importantly as a businessman I tip my hat to you sir, for you are truely a pleasure.


Simon Fizzsprocket

(Tempus LLC, in affiliation with the Ministry of Magic; Department of Mysteries.)

Unknown said...

Hi again, um I was curious I like this style of wand but I like Padauk wood. Would it be possible to get this style of wand in Padauk wood? If so what would the price be plus tax and shipping? I am merely curious.

Thanks again.

Becca Triplett

Mike's Woodwork By Design said...

Padauk is less expensive than ebony, and more than ambrosia maple, so instead of $40, it would be more like $30.