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Ebony and Purpleheart Wand - Royal Potentius

Historically drinking goblets were made from ebony, as it was believed to be an antidote for poison, and its use would ward off their enemy's evil intent. It is regarded as the most powerful and indiscriminate of magical woods. Purpleheart is strong in its creative and healing powers, working equally well for healers and conjurers. Besides looking awesome, these woods compliment each other to provide an extremely powerful, and majestic looking wand.

Length: 12". Price: $44.25

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I have this wand and it is awesome. Aside from the beauty of the woods, the craftsmanship is excellent and the finish is perfectly smooth. The Muggle Wandmaker also was easy to contact and gave me a clear timeline, which he then beat. I would order from him again... though I hope I don't have to, as that would mean something had happened to my beautiful wand. I suppose I'll just have to be satisfied recommending him to my friends.