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Alder Wand - 12": The Protego Maximus

Alder wood is a wood of many uses. Furniture makers prize it for its many grades, from knotty alder for rustic furniture, to smooth fine wood for fine woodwork. It's used in musical instruments, especially, guitars (most notably the Fender Stratocaster) because it provides a bright, well rounded, well sustained tone. It's also used a lot for charcoal, and especially salmon smoking. It's smooth and relatively soft for a hardwood. When used for wands, it's said to protect against drowning, act as a shield against death curses, ill omens, and destructive emotions, and cultivate visions of the inner and outer worlds, bridging above and below.

My bowtruckles assured me that this is not from the same tree as the Elder Wand or Wand of Destiny, so no worries there about being killed for this wand. If you're lucky enough for this wand to choose you, it's 12" long, single piece, and sells for $18.00.

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its a beautifol wand fram ap2